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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  October 7, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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off. friday morning. time now is 5:00. we are getting a new look at new surveillance video that shows the suspect just after the deadly rampage at a cupertino quarry. kiet do shows us that video and what coworkers say the suspect shouted as he opened fire. reporter: a surveillance camera captured shareef allman clutching the strap of an assault rifle and walking calmly through a gas station just a short time after police say he had gunned down 10 people. those who saw it happen and those who knew him well say the motive came from racial tension and grudges at work. >> he was going to do some damage, basically, that if he was going to go out -- he was going to kill some people, that was going to happen to him and his family. >> reporter: long-time friend cynthia mose says allman came to her home in sacramento last weekend, talked about retaliating against coworkers and showed off an ak-47 to her son brandon. >> he was like, yeah, he was
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like, prejudiced people on my job they keep messing with me and stuff but he said, but you know how that is. you ought to know, i'm a black gorilla. you only can contain a gore rail la for so long. >> reporter: a coworker was in the room when he says allman pulled a gun fired two warning shots into the ceiling and started screaming. >> he said do you think you can [ bleep ] with me? that was it. he kept saying that, repeating that and shooting, then repeat it and would shoot. so he had a grudge i think against specific people. >> reporter: he says his life was spared because he was targeting managers and union reps. allman had been coming to work late and got into numerous accidents. >> he kept getting written up and talked to and finally i i think realized -- he realized that they wanted him -- they were thinking about getting rid of him. and i think he realized that. >> that the bullet came in through here and came up through the back. >> reporter: mike ambrosio is the shop steward who told
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allman the union wasn't happy about all the accidents. ambrosio survived by crawling under the table and playing dead. >> thank you. thank you that i'm still alively i thank god that i'm still alive. and basically that's it. and i'm sorry for the people who didn't make it, my coworkers and friends. and we have new video of bullet holes all over that south bay home where allman was gunned down. a man living on the street saw allman crouched in front of a car parked in a driveway with a gun in his hand. now, the neighbor waved down a passing patrol car and when deputies spotted allman, they say they ordered him to give up. deputies say allman made no attempt to surrender, uttered a suicidal comment and pointed the gun at them. that's when they opened fire and killed him. we also have court documents dating back from 1992. the "mercury news" reports that this is when his ex-wife filed for divorce and asked for a
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restraining order. in it she details verbal and physical abuse and at one point, he reportedly took a brass lamp, hit her on the side of the head and knocked her unconscious. we want to go back to the story we have live pictures of a fiery train derailment. it's 100 miles from chicago and there have been evacuations. witnesses reported hearing explosions. there are six tanker cars burning. the glow from the fire can be seen from miles away. the train was carrying ethanol but we don't believe there are any injuries in this accident. oakland police have arrested a gunpoint who robbed and shot a woman in oakland. no further details on when or where officers found the
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suspect. westbound interstate 580 was shut down for three hours between high street and 35th avenue yesterday. it happened at 2:00 on macarthur and 39th at the bank of america. police say the man stole a woman's purse and shot her in the leg. he specified in a lexus and crashed on the on-ramp to interstate 580 and then ran off. westbound 580 reopened around 5:00 in the afternoon. the laurel neighborhood has seen a recent increase in crime according to some neighbors. >> hired a security team and they have kept a damper on a lot of stuff that's going on. >> the shooting victim was rushed to the hospital where, at last report, she was in critical condition. the feds are cracking down on medical marijuana here in california. anne makovec is in marin county at one of those dispensaries that received a stern letter from the justice department. good morning, anne. reporter: one of at least 16 in california.
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four u.s. attorneys are planning on making a big announcement later on this morning talking about their crackdown on medicinal marijuana clubs all up and down the state. outlined in this letter that they sent to several of those pot clubs, they say that federal law takes precedence over state law and applies regardless of the particular uses for which a dispensary is selling and distributing marijuana. the threat is for clubs and their landlords facing federal criminal charges and confiscation of their property if they don't shut down within 45 days even though these places are legal under california's state law. >> it's devastating to the patients, devastating to the 16 states that have legal medical marijuana, and -- and it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: she is the owner of the marin alliance for medicinal marijuana, also facing possible enhanced federal charges of selling drugs within 1,000 feet of a
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park. again, this is all legal under our california state law prop 215. so far the obama administration has been taking a laissez-faire attitude toward states who have legalized medicinal marijuana but this past june, the department of justice sent out a memo that indicated they were thinking about cracking down and now looks like that's materializing. >> thank you, anne. apple officials reportedly knew for some time that the end was near for cofounder steve jobs. bloomberg reports the company's security officials met with palo alto police in the days just before jobs' death. the purpose to make sure things were secure in the area around his palo alto home. dozens of people gathered there to pay respects after the death was officially announced on wednesday. we have learned that three women have just won this year's nobel peace prize. the names were announced in norway just a few hours ago. all won for their work to
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secure women's rights. the winners are ellen johnson sirleaf the president of liberia, [ foreign language ] a peace activist from the same west african country and [ foreign language ] a democratic activist from yemen. the three will split the prize money. the equivalent of $1.5 million u.s. i have a problem with say democracy. [ laughter ] >> i know. this is the second team they have made her read that story. yeah. what's going on in the weather, lawrence? >> some good changes i think in time for the weekend. a big weekend here in the bay area. we have fleet week and all the other festivities and yes indeed looks like the weather is going to work out very nicely as high pressure now building into the bay area. a little cool to start out with around our skies as those skies have cleared out. of course that cool air coming in from the systems that passed on through. it is going to work out to be a decent day. temperatures now we have some fog in santa rosa 44. 48 in san jose and 45 degrees
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in livermore. by the afternoon, we are going to be enjoying some sunshine, those temperatures moving up into the mid-70s in the warmest spots inland. low 70s into san jose about 72 in oakland and about 68 degrees in san francisco. more on that weekend forecast coming up in a moment. right now let's check the roads with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. if you are planning to head out of town now is a good time to hit roads. we are looking good this morning accident-free right now. speeds to the altamont pass looking good 64 miles an hour westbound and eastbound easy ride. west of there still no troubles to report on 680 in both directions. if you are headed through the south bay 101 so far, so good. a little sluggish on the southbound side. but overall a nice ride this morning. here's a live look at conditions along 280 through downtown san jose and no delays to report there. traffic very light. 880/237 off to a good start this morning, as well. back to you. >> thank you.
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coming up, mortgage rates hit rock bottom. but is it really the perfect time to buy a home? >> anger on wall street and a grim outlook on jobs. how the president is turning up the heat on congress. tim lincecum in legal trouble. the beef with his former landlord and allegations of the giants pitcher trashing his home. ,, [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves. [ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up. [ eves ] the pain was bad, but the thought of not being a hang glider pilot was worse. [ female announcer ] that's when eves turned to sutter health's palo alto medical foundation. [ eves ] the doctors that i dealt with, they got it, that this old guy wanted to return as a hang glider pilot. they got me flying again.
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the labor department is expected a september jobs report comes out of washington in 20 minutes. the labor department is expected to report that the unemployment rate is holding steady at 9.1% for a third straight month. it's estimated the economy added 59,000 jobs last month and that's compared to 0 job creation the previous month. this is what democracy
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looks like! >> more protests against wall street this morning occupy san francisco demonstrators still out in front of the federal building protestors also in front of san jose city hall. this is video of demonstrators in new york. also, washington, d.c., los angeles and a number of other cities are seeing these protestors. some of them plan to occupy a plaza near the white house through the weekend. president obama still trying to get congress to send him a jobs package. mortgage rates are now at the lowest point since the 1940s. interest rates for 30-year fixed rates home mortgages are now at 3.9% for those are very good credit. still the mortgage bankers association says the latest drop is not expected to draw more buyers or owners trying to refinance. part of the problem, it is tough to get a loan because banks are just being more restriketive. a new lawsuit accuses giants ace tim lincecum of trashing his former living
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quarter. the landlord says lincecum caused $200,000 worth of damage to a townhouse in san francisco's mission district. so that suit claims that lincecum damaged doors, kitchenware, furniture and artwork among other things. the lawsuit also claims lincecum continued living there after the lease expired without paying rent. lincecum's agent calls that lawsuit totally unwarranted. time now 5:13. the post office's new rescue plan. sending you more junk mail, just what you need. >> plus the cal campus taking no chance. the mad dash for a vaccine and the fear that cases could multiply. 3q you disgust me. prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding, guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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stories... today here's a check on some of this morning's top stories. today, the justice department will announce details of a crackdown on medical marijuana in california even though it is legal under state law. letters already sent to at least 16 pot clubs give them 45 days to close. the man who killed three coworkers after a cupertino quarry this week was caught on surveillance video just a short time later. this tape shows shareef allman carrying an assault rifle after he ditched his car in a gas station a few miles from the
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killing. oakland police say they have found a gunman who robbed and shot a woman near a bank after a long search this messed up yesterday's afternoon commute on westbound i-580. if you are headed outside right now, a little cooling. you might want to bring a jacket with you. these temperatures are some of the coolest we have seen for a while, 44 degrees in santa rosa, now clear skies. 44 napa, 48 san jose, patchy fog at the coast and temperatures in the 50s. i think as we head throughout the day we are going to see decent day of it. we are going to see some patchy fog coastside early on. mostly clear though in the bay and also in the valleys. i'll tell you what the next couple of days should be nice. this gives us an idea as high pressure is building into the bay area. we are going to see more sunshine and warmer weather maybe even some mid-70s in the warmer spots by this afternoon the so looks like a fantastic friday
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outside. heels building into the bay area. the weekend is looking great. plan on temperatures into the 70s in the south bay. 72 milpitas and san jose, 75 morgan hill, 66 degrees and patchy fog and sunshine into half moon bay. and about 72 in hayward. inland east bay numbers up into the mid-70s in most spots. 76 in walnut creek and 73 degrees in benicia. inside the bay you will find 70s into oakland, upper 60s into san francisco. about 75 degrees into santa rosa today. and about 73 degrees in novato. next couple of days we'll see more sunshine on the way. we have fleet week this weekend a lot of folks around the bay looks like a fantastic weekend. if we see anything, just patchy fog at the coast. cooling down a bit for columbus day. tuesday, wednesday and thursday temperatures warming up and 90s by next week. because of fleet week you're going to see extra busy conditions along embarcadero getting in and out of san
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francisco so plan for that this weekend. elsewhere, san mateo bridge traffic is off to a good start. no delays to report between hayward and foster city. 14 minutes both directions through there. still have roadwork in effect along 880 so give yourself some extra time. mostly affecting the effect canner connector roads. bay bridge toll plaza looking good. across the upper deck into san francisco fine. traffic light on the eastshore freeway. typically we start to see some delays through antioch westbound 4 but so far traffic is "friday light" through here. 63 miles per hour as you work your way on that westbound sight. if you are headed into san francisco this final day of oracle open world, you will see some closures still in effect. howard is shut down between 3rd and 4th streets. again huh will wrap that will wrap up this afternoon at 4:00. so use alternates. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am
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and 106.9-fm. today marks 10 years since the war in afghanistan. it is still going on today making it officially the longest war in american history. about 1800 u.s. servicemen have died, thousands more have been wounded. antiwar activists are rallying in kabul and plan a protest this afternoon in san francisco. a muslim-american woman is suing southwest airlines alleging discrimination. she wears a head scarf and she was removed from a plane in march that was about to travel from san diego to san jose. her attorney says as the plane was about to depart, she said, quote, i have to go, on her cell phone. but a flight attendant thought she said, "it's a go." she was checked by federal agents and placed on the next flight. a vacation next summer means a slight delay for a trial involving the san bruno pipeline explosion. a san mateo county judge is
5:21 am
hearing nearly 100 suits. the case was scheduled to start july 2 but the "san mateo county times" reports the judge says an indispensable member of his staff will be on vacation so the trial will be pushed back three weeks. controversial new guidelines for cancer screening. >> would you pay $39,000 for a backpack? some people are. the olsen twins hot new accessory that's being sold. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. welcome back. 5:24. officials at uc-berkeley are saying that an outbreak of mumps on campus is likely to spread. hundreds of students and staff waited in line to get those free vaccinations yesterday. they have another free clinic planned for next friday. a doctor at university health services said that the outbreak may have come from overseas and spread through student housing. >> the incubation period is in the range of 2 to 4 weeks so the people we saw last week probably were infected 2 to 4 weeks ago and what i'm worried about is what this is going to look like 2 to 4 weeks from now. >> 20 people are already sick and it takes at least two weeks for that vaccination shot to take effect.
5:25 am
so it is likely that more people will be affected at berkeley. the government is now saying that healthy men should not be screened for prostate cancer. the u.s. preventative services task force says the psa test has no benefit and the harm from unnecessary surgery could outweigh benefits. the prostate cancer foundation disagrees with the findings. san francisco supervisors are moving ahead with a plan to let kids ride free on muni. a resolution by supervisor david campos now heads to the full board. it would allow youth under the age of 18 to ride free. muni estimates that 36,000 of its daily riders are in that age group but an extra 11,000 would ride if board were free. that plan would take funding from several city agencies. you might think the post office's plan to save itself is rubbish, more junk mail. the postal service is running ads encouraging more businesses
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to send catalogs by standard mail. the agency is suffering from historic losses and a plummet in first class mail. i have a trash can next to my post back. i dump it as soon as i get it. i don't bring it in the door. the olsen twins, remember them? they are telling kids we have your back. >> and a lot of parents are paying the price for it. those former child actors mary- kate and ashley olsen have designed an alligator backpack. the cost, $39,000. reportedly they are flying off shelves. we can't imagine how but apparently they are. the olsen twins starred in the sitcom "full house" set in san francisco. >> i remember watching it. >> i don't think that backpack would be very cool for kids. it's not pink, doesn't have glitter. i don't think they would appreciate al gater. >> think how many of you could buy with 39 grand. 5:27. a new snapshot of the state of
5:27 am
the economy. new job numbers. new details on the secret project by steve jobs. the my profile academic recruited to lead -- the high- profile academic recruited to lead apple university. we have new surveillance video of the suspect of the cupertino shooting just moments after he killed his coworkers and we are learning about a possible violent temper from his past. that's all coming up. and it's legal here in california but still not under u.s. law. and now the feds are setting up to assault local pot clubs. the latest coming up. [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy you can get your flu shot. and you'll get a bonus. you get 10% ofur groceries. [ male announcer ] save 10% on your groceries when you get a flu shot. that should make you feel better already.
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manhunt in the east bay . how officers caught the man considered to be armed traffic tied up after a massive manhunt in the east bay. how officers caught the man considered to be armed and dangerous. >> the rain is gone. high pressure now building in. how will that shape up for the weekend? we'll have details coming up. and so far, traffic very light this morning. we'll have a complete look at the roads in just a few minutes. good morning. it is friday, october 7. i'm grace lee. >> and i'm elizabeth wenger in this morning for frank mallicoat. time now is 5:30. bullet holes all over a south bay home where a killer was gunned down. >> there is new information about the man who gunned down his coworkers in cupertino this week. stephanie chuang is in sunnyvale where he was found more than 24 hours later. reporter: we are live at
5:31 am
the arco gas station where we have new surveillance footage caught here of shareef allman just minutes after he gunned down his coworkers or allegedly, of course. we also are learning new details that this is not the first time he has snapped. now, we are just a couple of streets away from the 900 block of lauren way where this all happened where he was shot and killed yesterday. we counted about 28 bullet holes in the garage there and some 30 bullet casings all around the front of that home. we are getting reports that three santa clara county sheriff's deputies ordered allman to surrendered, crouched apparently behind one of the cars. instead he said something suicidal and pointed the gun at them and that is when they shot and killed him. we also have new surveillance video of allman after he ditched his car here at this gas station. this is just a few miles from the quarry workplace shooting. he is carrying an assault rifle in that video. he looks calm, too.
5:32 am
we spoke with family and friends who say he had visited them in sacramento last weekend family, friends and told -- he told them coworkers were racist and out to get him. >> he was like yeah, prejudice people in my job, they keep messing with me and stuff. but he said, but you know how that is. you ought to know i'm a black gorilla and you only can contain a gorilla for so long. >> reporter: according to the "mercury news," court documents reveal allman has a bad temper. in 1992 his ex-wife got a restraining order against him after she said he hit her with a brass lamp on the side of her head and knocking her unconscious. she also said he, quote, has a violent temper, cannot stand anyone to disagree with him. he interprets it to be a challenge to him and he reacts with physical violence. as for the deputies who responded to the suspect, it's three of them, two men, one woman, and they have a different range of experience
5:33 am
from 1 1/2 years to four years so relatively new at the sheriff's department. as for where exactly allman was overnight, sheriff's investigators believe he was in the area but still run clear exactly where he was hiding. investigators are searching for the cause right now of a fiery train derailment. take a live look at these pictures now of the fire. this is about 100 miles west of chicago. it happened in the small community of tiskilwa. it has only about 800 people. now, witnesses reported hearing explosions at least six tanker cars burning. at one time we saw huge flames so looks like the fire is dying out. they were reportedly carrying ethanol. no word so far on any injuries. san francisco state university police are investigating a sexual assault reported on campus. an 18-year-old woman says a man led her into a dorm room last friday and assaulted her. the woman thought the suspect was taking her to a party.
5:34 am
now, she is not a student at the school. she said her attacker was a mix the race man 18 to 22 years old. police say they have arrested a gunman who robbed and shot a woman in oakland. no further details on when or where officers found that suspect but a long search for the gunman made a mess out of yesterday's afternoon commute. look at this, just backed up. wets bound interstate 580 completely closed for three hours between high street and 35th avenue. this ordeal began around 2 p.m. police say the man stole a woman's purse and then shot her in the leg. he then sped off in a lexus but crashed on the on-ramp to 580 and got out of his car and ran off. police searched until 5 p.m. and then reopened westbound traffic so people in the laurel neighborhood are reporting a rise in crime in their area. >> we have hired a security team. >> the shooting victim was rushed to a hospital where at
5:35 am
last report, she was in critical condition. the feds are moving in to close down businesses which sell medical marijuana here in california. anne makovec is in marin county at one of the dispensaries that received a written warning from the justice department. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. people here and pot clubs all over the state are waiting to hear the announcement this morning. talking about a crackdown on pot clubs even though they are legal in california, still illegal under federal law. they have outlined it in letters they sent to 16 pot clubs all over the state saying the dispensaries are operating in violation of federal law and persons who operator facilitate the operation of such dispensaries are subject to criminal prosecution. they say federal law takes precedence over state law and applies regardless of the particular uses for which a dispensary is selling an
5:36 am
distributing marijuana. so that's right. both the clubs and landlords are facing criminal charges and possible confiscation of property if they don't shut down within 45 days. again, even though these places are legal under california state law, prop 215. >> it seems like a concerted effort to do away with medical marijuana overnight and i think it's unfair and mean and it's the wrong thing for the obama administration to be doing. >> reporter: now, that's the owner of the marin alliance for medical marijuana, where i am right now. also she is facing possible enhanced federal charges at this club of selling drugs within 1,000 feet of a park. the obama administration has been laissez-faire about pot clubs in states where it's legal until this point. but in june, the department of justice did send a memo they may be cracking down in the future and looks like this is
5:37 am
that coming to fruition. in sacramento today we are going to hear from four u.s. attorneys about their plans. >> do we have any idea why now, why they are making this big push right now? >> reporter: no, no real indication. we'll probably hear more from them today. but they are probably going to say, hey, we have the option to do this all along. now we are going ahead with it. it is very surprising though for a lot of people that thought, you know, the obama administration would be hands off on this. >> it is surprising. >> reporter: yeah. >> thank you. the jobs report is just in now from washington. the labor department says employers added 103,000 jobs in september. that is substantially more than the 59,000 that economists were expecting. the unemployment rate remains at 9.1% as expected. that is the same as in july and august. show me what democracy looks like! >> more protests against wall street. demonstrators continue their action in new york.
5:38 am
also, san francisco, d.c., los angeles and a number of other cities. some of them plan to occupy a plaza near the white house through the weekend. president obama is warning congressional republicans to pass his jobs plan or risk voter backlash. >> if congress does nothing, then it's not a matter of me running against them of the i think the american people will run them out of town. >> republicans responded to the president by saying they will vote only for parts of his jobs package. they are opposed to any tax increase and to more stimulus spending. a new survey finds that small business owners don't plan to hire new workers anytime soon. according to the survey, a quarter of small business owners are actually pessimistic about their own company's outlook. a lot of them don't have any plans, they say to add new employees at least in the next six months. and there are three women who have won this year's nobel peace prize. the names were announced in norway just a few hours ago. all of them won for their work
5:39 am
to secure winners rights. the winners are ellen johnson sirleaf the president of liberia, leymah gbowee a peace activist from the same west african country and tawakkul karman a democracy activist from yemen. those three are going to be splitting the prize month, $1.5 million. in a statement, the nobel committee said they hope that they will help to bring the end of suppression of women that still occurs in many countries and raise the great potential for democracy and peace that women can represent. yesterday we had a little mix of sun and clouds and it was raining and then sunny. >> today even better we'll see a lot of sunshine around the bay area and no rain to worry about today, high pressure building in setting the stage for a fantastic weekend. out the door now, cool if spots. only 44 degrees in the napa
5:40 am
valley also in santa rosa. 45 in livermore. this afternoon high pressure building in temperatures warming up. yesterday we had numbers in the 60s with showers and the thunderstorms. today, yeah, we're going to watch a significant change in those temperatures, much warmer into san francisco at 68. more coming up. now let's check traffic with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. let's check on conditions as you work your way through the altamont pass. so far accident-free. extra volume traffic, but traffic pretty light on the freeways. we are seeing a few cars on westbound 580 towards the 680 on the change. no delays eastbound so nice for a getaway friday. typical delays on 4. overall nice speeds as you work your way westbound through antioch. mass transit a good choice. everything is on time. that's a look at traffic. back to you.
5:41 am
>> thank you. a number of secret apple projects are coming to light since steve jobs' death. he was creating a corporate university aimed at grooming executives to think like him. one apple employee tells the "los angeles times," jobs personally recruited the dean of the yale school of business to launch apple u. the goal was to instill in his students jobs' personal tenets for success: perfectionism, simplicity and secrecy. his death has pushed his upcoming biography high up on the best-seller less list so the release say is moved up. the book entitled "steve jobs" will now come out october 24. that is nearly a month sooner than planned. author walter isakson told "time" magazine jobs authorized the book so his kids could get to know him better. the final interview for the book was just a couple of weeks ago. 5:42 now. coming up, the new
5:42 am
recommendation for screenings for a certain type of cancer. >> and a new trend with kids and sports. what may be behind the rising number of sports-related brain injuries. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:43 am
5:44 am
top stories... n who killed three good morning. if you are just getting up, chilly outdoor. some of the temperatures into the mid-40s but it's a much improved day outside. high pressure now building in. and that means we are going to see more sunshine a little cool early on but lots of warming and hey, it looks like a wonderful weekend ahead as high pressure is going to hold on, no threat of rain over the weekend. temperatures though down just a bit. 44 degrees in the napa valley. 44 in santa rosa. 45 degrees in livermore. we have a couple of patches of fog at the coast but that's just about it sunshine?
5:45 am
the bay area and more of that throughout the weekend and warmer temperatures. 71 degrees in fresno, leftover clouds in yosemite and 51 in lake tahoe today. so high pressure holding on here and that means those temperatures will warm nicely today. 75 in concord, 75 fairfield and 72 degrees in san rafael. you will see 60s into san francisco. loww 80s saturday and sunday, cooling off a little on columbine high school but after that -- on columbus day. 90s next week. gianna has traffic.
5:46 am
oracle open world is wrapping up today so that will be in effect until 4:00. we have some closures. howard street shut down between 3rd and 4th streets, all that should reopen by 4:00 this afternoon. sfo early flight lots of green on our sensors so that means traffic is on time as you work your way in both directions of 101. 65 miles per hour. 280 checking in accident-free. 880 good to the oakland airport. lots of green on the roads there both directions clear. towards the maze, traffic very light this morning. coming off the eastshore freeway towards the bay bridge toll plaza just some slight delays here in a couple of cash lance but overall traffic nice as you approach the pay gates. still very light working your way across the upper deck know san francisco. we see no troubles out of san francisco into oakland. live look at the golden gate bridge. conditions here also very nice
5:47 am
this morning. in fact, very light as you work your way southbound side of 101 of 580 and the golden gate bridge clear into san francisco. the south bay also problem-free this morning. here's a live look at conditions along 280 where traffic is moving along just fine. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. in the headlines, the man who killed three coworkers at cupertino was killed a short time later. this surveillance video shows shareef allman carrying an assault rifle a few miles from the killings. oakland police say they have found a gunman who robbed and shot a woman near a bank after a long search that made a huge mess out of yesterday afternoon's commute. this on westbound interstate 580. the federal justice department is telling more than a dozen pot clubs here in california that they have to close their doors in 45 days. four u.s. attorneys are holding a press conference later this
5:48 am
morning to announce it. the head of the federal clean energy loan program is stepping down. that is the same program that approved the half billion- dollar loan to solyndra. president obama defended that loan yesterday. >> we knew from the start that the loan guarantee program was going to entail some risk there were going to be some companies that did not work out solyndra was one of them. >> the loan program came under fire after the fremont solar plant went bankrupt. the president said it will help the u.s. compete with china and other countries complete with clean technology. nevada officials have decided to hold their presidential caucuses on january 14 of next year. that could mean iowa and new hampshire will move up their presidential contests that are usually the first in the nation. new hampshire could vote in late december and iowa even earlier. mortgage rates are now at the lowest point since the
5:49 am
1940s. interest rates for 30 years fixed rates home mortgages are at 3.9% for those with good credit. the mortgage bankers association says the latest drop won't draw more buyers or owners trying to refinance. >> i think there's a lot of uncertainty. i think we see a lot of deals today where right before we get to the finish line, someone loses their job and the transaction, which is a really tough thing. >> getting a loan is tough because banks are getting more restrictive these days. in the meantime the government is now saying that healthy men should not undergo screenings for prostate cancer. the u.s. preventative services task force says the tsa blood test has no benefit and the harm from unnecessary surgery could actually out weigh any benefits at all. the prostate cancer foundation disagrees. too much bad air may be putting pregnant women and their babies in danger. uc researchers say traffic- related air pollution actually increases the risk of premature
5:50 am
birth by 30%. seasonal weather patterns may also play a role in this. force-related brain injuries are on the rise in young athletes. in the last 10 years the cdc says there's been a 60% increase in children visits to the emergency room for brain injuries including concussion. bicycling and football of course cause the most injuries. experts say the increase in visits could be because more parents and coaches are aware about brain injuries. a country music legend splits up with monday into the football. why hank williams, jr., says espn was stomping on his constitutional rights. and this tiny guy is actually huge on twitter. how long it took this major league character to gain 15,000 followers. he is way popular than any of us. shampoo. maximum strength medicine wipes out flakes. aloe and moisturizers keep hair healthy.
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a new muppet found her way to camping out. live at san jose outside city hall where you can see protestors camping out. they are part of the growing trend of people protesting against wall street and the inequalities between the rich and poor. more on this later in our show. completely different turn. because we have a new muppet on sesame street. nothing to do with wall street. appearing in a special show on sunday called growing hope against hunger. later this morningings "the early show" crew are going to be chatting about the show and how it's educating viewers about poverty and hunger here in america. looks like elmo joining the fun, too. >> elmo is still the number one muppet. giants star pitcher tim lincecum is being sued now by a former landlord. she said he caused $200,000 worth of damage to a townhouse in san francisco's mission
5:54 am
district. and the suit claims that lincecum damaged doors, kitchenware, furniture as well as artwork among other things. the lawsuit claims he continued living there after the lease expired without paying rent. lincecum's agent calls the lawsuit totally unwarranted. espn is benching the voice of monday night football. >> are you ready for football! >> yeah, we have been listening to that song for quite a while. country singer hank williams, jr., and the sports network both are taking credit for the decision to stop this song. espn pulled it this week after the singer's comments on hitler and president obama. they told williams about removing the song for good yesterday. however, williams said he made the decision after the network "stepped on the toes of his right to free speech." wanted, more than 20,000 people to help break a world record. it's part of first lady
5:55 am
michelle obama's campaign to keep kids healthy. she played soccer with children at the white house yesterday. on tuesday, groups from all around the country will gather on the south lawn to try to beat the record for the most people doing jumping jacks in a day. she has some guns. >> hm. the squirrel that ran across home plate during the division game between the phillies and the cardinals is now going viral on twitter. someone is tweeting and sharing for the cards via [ indiscernible ] twitter accounts. look at them go. he now has more than 15,000 followers. that account has been active since tuesday night. now, that's when another squirrel was spotted near third base at busch stadium. i had to get in get a little squirrel fame. >> how do they know it's a separate squirrel? >> i have been thinking the same thing. one of the star attractions at san francisco's fleet week takes off today.
5:56 am
>> people were watching the u.s. navy blue angels practice over the san francisco bay yesterday. they were hard to miss, i can tell you. [ indiscernible ] today at 12:30 before their high-flying show at 3:00. then they will have a meet and greet for fans over at pier 39. that's tonight at 7:15. it's -- elizabeth, you weren't kidding when you said they were loud. >> feel like it's coming into your home sometimes. they are so loud. >> i'm pressive. >> i missed it. my little girl broke her ankle yesterday so we were -- she didn't cry. tough little girl. but yeah, the blue angels going to be out this weekend and tell you what, it should be a fantastic weekend. checking out around the bay area today kind of off to a nice start, cool in spots. we have some 40s and 50s now, by the afternoon we are back into the 70s as we head toward the afternoon hours. 80s over the weekend in some of the warmest spots, many a little hiccup toward monday with partly cloudy skies, temperatures cooling off a little bit and then looks like
5:57 am
we could see some 90s return toward the mill of the week. by the way, a lot of folks love to get out and check out fleet week around the bay and i think it's going to be a fantastic weekend to do it. fisherman's wharf 70 degrees, sunny skies over weekend and beautiful weather to check the wonderful planes. gianna, how's traffic? >> no hiccups in traffic right now. in fact, we are off to a very good start here. a look at conditions across the san mateo bridge. 14 minutes between 880 and 101, 101 also accident-free. now over to 880, live look at conditions if you are heading north to the maze, no delays, southbound clear all the way into the south bay and if you hit 880/237, here's a leave look and you can see traffic is very light. >> "friday light." >> i know. i love that. it is 5:57. in the next half hour, training the next steve jobs. >> the apple university designed to groom future geniuses. we are learning new details
5:58 am
about a past violent temper of the man who gunned down his coworkers wednesday morning and we have fresh surveillance video of him moments after. and the medicinal marijuana may be legal here in california, but the feds are now flexing their muscles setting up a real showdown. tell you what they are planning to do coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:59 am
ride muni every day. ,,,,,,,,,,,, i enjoy it the most when i'm with sidney. she doesn't notice that it's too crowded or that it can run a half hour late.


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